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The Plunge


OK, I’m doing it.  After thinking more about the Seamless Pledge, I realized that it wouldn’t be so hard. My closet is so full of clothes that I really need to get rid of things to put any more in, yet I am constantly saying, “I have nothing to wear!” Thinking more about this, I think the pledge will help me be a bit more creative with my combinations and accessories. If I get the shopping bug too bad, I can always hit Goodwill. And of course, accessories aren’t off limits, so I can still buy those. Best of all, this will give me the motivation I need to start working on the drawer full of patterns and boxes of fabric I have in my craft room. They’re not going to sew themselves. 🙂 So,

I, the Crafty Asian, am taking the Seamless Pledge until September 30, 2012.

Don’t worry, though. The costumes are still my number one priority until the end of August. In fact, I am so dedicated that even though I am out of town for work, I’ve packed part of my project with me to work on. I have the toy guns that I’ve commandeered from my son and the paints that I’m using to steampunk them up. It makes me smile to think of what the stuffy lawyers at the convention would think if they knew what I was working on in my room. 😉

The Pledge


I’ve been exploring a lot of sewing blogs on my down time, and I kept running across a button that said, “I’m taking the Seamless Pledge.” Always curious, I took the bait and clicked on it to find that it’s a pledge in which people promise not to buy any new clothing for a period of time determined by the pledger. The goal is to buy used and vintage clothing and make or modify clothing. It’s just the motivation I need to keep up with my sewing. I love the idea of this, but I’m torn as to whether to commit to it.


I’ve been trying to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and two months ago I vowed not to buy any new clothes until I got down to my goal weight. I did cheat once and buy three dresses, but other than that I was really good, and my pocketbook was happy about it. I’m so close to the goal now (half pound to go!), and I’ve been dying to buy new clothes!

On the other hand, I was just having a conversation with a lady in my office who is always impeccably, fashionably dressed, and she said her secret was accessorizing. She explained how you can come up with completely different looks using the same base pieces of clothing but switching the focus with the accessories. I was just telling myself I needed to make more of an effort to do that when I ran across this pledge.

Really, I wouldn’t hesitate to take this challenge at all if I had more time on my hands. I work full time and have two rugrats not to mention a husband who also wants to spend time with me (darned needy man!). The only way I make time for my projects is to stay up after everyone else has gone to bed, and I’m getting sleep deprived as it is. As the DragonCon costumes are taking up all that time now, I don’t know how I would make time for making or modifying clothes. So, maybe this is something that should also be put on hold until after the costumes are made. Damn it DragonCon! Why do you have to be so awesome yet so inconvenient?!?!