I love crafts. In my younger, single, childless days, I didn’t always admit that to people because it’s vaguely akin to admitting you’re a cat lady. You tell people you enjoy crafting as a 20-something, and they imagine you’re at home on Friday nights making costumes for your pets (not that that isn’t a completely acceptable and TOTALLY AWESOME way to spend a Friday night). Now that I’m a mom, though, it’s somehow more socially acceptable. Making costumes for your kids (as opposed to your pets, yourself, sock puppets, etc.) is not only acceptable, it actually makes you look like an involved parent. People just assume that when you say you’re working on a craft that you must be doing it for or with your kids. So, I can finally come out and say it now. I love crafts. And it seems like my hobbies are constantly evolving and expanding. I like sewing, beading, papercrafting, painting, screenprinting, cake decorating, costuming…I really can go on and on.  I’m also a bit of a geek (I’ll leave the “bit” part up to interpretation).

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  1. HI OMG I REALLY LOVE YOUR MULAN ONCE UPON A TIME COSTUME. I want to make my own costume just like that. Could you tell me how you did it??? I would love your feedback cause I really want to make a costume like that

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