OK, so it’s already seven days in to 2013, but it’s still the first week of the year(barely), and it wouldn’t be me if it didn’t take me an extra long time to get around to things. So, I’m making my list of resolutions. I make them every year, and, inevitably, I lose sight of them a month or so in. I think I’ve discovered why, though. I’m really bad about underestimating how much time and effort it takes to do things. Or, more accurately, I OVERESTIMATE what I can do. So, the first thing on my list is to be more honest. Not only to everyone else but to myself. I need to realize that there are just certain things I won’t do–at least not without the right motivation. I’ve always been a bit scatterbrained and easily distracted, so I have to do things like give myself deadlines, make lists, break up projects in to small portions. Lofty, nebulous goals don’t work for me. I need a plan with concrete details. So, I’m going to try to come up with a list of goals that are measurable, or, if not measurable, come up with ways to achieve the goal.

1. Be more honest with myself and others. OK, I can’t really think of a concrete way to make that happen or a way to measure that. I suppose making this list will be an ongoing project.

2. Get fit and healthy. I got down to my goal weight back in July, and I’ve put almost 10 pounds back on. I got into that mindset where I thought I could just “maintain” after I lost the weight, but apparently eating whatever I want is not “maintaining.” So, I’m going to try changing my lifestyle instead.  I’m going to a)  limit myself to fast food no more than twice a week (I know it’s still a lot, but I’ve gotten into a bad habit of eating fast food when I’m out running errands with the kids); b)  incorporate vegetables into every meal I cook; c) take the stairs at work; d) get at least some exercise three times a week.

3. Read 52 books.

4. Blog once a week.

5. Finish every craft project I start.

6. Spend more quality time with my kids. I will a) set aside at least 10 minutes of special time with each child every day; b) have a mommy/son date with each child at least once a month.

7. Not be such a complete slob at home. Seriously, I’m a complete slob. I can keep my office passably neat at work because, well, it’s work, and I kind of want to keep my job. But my home is always a mess. The kitchen table and countertop are always piled with junk, there are always toys and clothes strewn all over the floor all over the house, and there are almost always dirty dishes in the sink. I’ve definitely gotten into high gear with this one, though. I’ve spent the last week or so cleaning and organizing room after room in the house. The hard part is going to be finding a way to motivate me and my family to keep it up.

 8. Not care so much what others think about me.  (Maybe that’s part of the honesty thing?)

9. Really work on my faith. It’s something I’ve been struggling with the past couple of years, and with the help of some wonderful friends, I’m starting to find my way, but I still have a long way to go.

10. Pay off a bill.

11. Do some traveling! The traveling bug has bitten me bad. I want to go. Anywhere. A foreign country would be preferable, but I’ll take any place exciting.

12. Be a better wife. It seems that in trying to find time for work and parenting and myself, I sometimes forget to carve out time for my husband. (Why am I starting to notice a pattern of needing more time for everything I want to accomplish here?) 

13. Be a better friend. I need to stop making excuses for not spending enough time with or for my friends. 

14. Be a better listener. That would probably help out with the above two things.

15. Be more generous.



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