The Geekiest Tee Shirt Ever


Costumes are a must for DragonCon, but so are the proper street clothes. I like to be nice and comfortable when I get to a place so I can scope things out before I get to business.  What better clothing is there for an event dedicated to all things geeky than a geeky tee shirt? My DC co-conspirator and I discussed this and decided we wanted to incorporate Doctor Who into a design that I could screenprint for us.

While looking for pictures of the TARDIS online, I ran across some photos of the traditional red British phone booth and found my inspiration. What other geeky genre features a phone booth? Harry Potter, of course! Here’s my design ready to get burned onto a screen:

I had to do some cutting and patching because the original design had Hermione scolding Harry for getting them into the wrong call box. My friend reminded me that Harry and his friends would be looking for a phone booth to enter the Ministry of Magic, so it would make more sense to have her refer to that instead (this same friend also reminded me that I had forgotten to draw a base on the Dalek AFTER I already  burned the screen).

Anyway, here’s the screen:

My screen

I debated making this a four-color shirt with the scarves in the Gryffindor colors, but I got too lazy to make more screens. I ended up using one screen and taping off to do each color.

The geekiest shirt ever!

OK, I suppose it might not be the geekiest shirt EVER, but I think it deserves an honorable mention.


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    • That’s a great idea, and I think I’ll do one soon. I’ve been so bad about the blogging lately, and I’m working on a tutorial on spats that will be up as soon as I finish the buttons on the ones I’m working on. Maybe screenprinting will be next.

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