So, I’m looking for a new costume idea for DragonCon. I only have a few requirements. It needs to:

  • Be cool. Literally. I’d like something with short sleeves, preferably in a breathable fabric, so I’d love to stay away from leather or vinyl. I’d also like to stay away from wigs or headgear.
  •  Not make me look like a stripper. I know that most geekery is geared toward males, but do all the female characters have to dress in outfits that are more appropriate for swinging around a pole than swinging a sword? Forget their superpowers. If those women were real, I’d be more impressed by the fact that that they can throw a punch without a breast popping out of their suits.
  • Be creatively challenging. I actually love the process of making the costumes more than wearing them, so I need something that will fulfill my artistic needs.

So far, I’ve come up with these options:

Lady Shiva (on the left, of course)

Lady Shiva She’s Asian! The shirt is sleeveless, so I could wear it without the coat during the day. My concern is that she’s pretty obscure to begin with, and I don’t know how recognizable I’d be without the coat.

Mary Marvel

 Mary Marvel This costume would be SO comfortable, and I definitely wouldn’t look like a stripper. The downside is that it’s so simple and not very challenging to make.


Elektra Of course, I’d have to do some major de-sluttifying to the outfit. It’d be fun to carry around some sais, though.


Huntress Again, I’d have to make a few modifications for modesty. The mask might be uncomfortable as well.

So, which one should I go with? I just can’t decide.  I think I’ll do my first poll:

I’m also open to other suggestions.


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