If You Can’t Stand the Heat


After a month and a half of late nights sewing and crafting, my Steampunk Baroness costume is done. A friend came over yesterday to work on costumes, so I  decided to give the outfit its first viewing.

I need to work on my Baroness pose

Lessons learned:

  • Standing in a kitchen dressed in costume makes you feel utterly ridiculous. It’s one thing to be at DragonCon where most people are decked out in outfits as outlandish or even moreso than you are, but when you’re next to someone who’s dressed in jeans and a tee shirt in the same area you normally eat your cereal, the corset, holster, and guns look really out of place.
  • When there are twenty different pieces to a costume, there IS a right order to putting them on. I just gathered all the pieces and started dressing willy-nilly. BAD idea. I got all corsetted up (everyone else makes up words–why can’t I?), and then remembered the skirts go under the corset. Let me just say that uncorsetting is even more difficult than corsetting. Then, things were smooth sailing for a while until I got to the gloves. Note to self: gloves that come up over the wrists but under the sleeves and gauntlets should go on before the jacket and gauntlets, especially when the gauntlets have to be laced up.
  • I need a lady’s maid if I’m going to continue to dress in all this clothing. Any ideas on how to get one of those?

Last, but not least, the most important lesson I learned from yesterday’s little experiment:

  • Jackets are HOT! And not in a good way. Even in the comfort of my air-conditioned house, the jacket felt sweltering. So, I’m probably going to have to relegate use of the jacket to the evening hours at DragonCon. It’s also made me completely rethink my second costume.

I had been considering dressing up as the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time:

I’m getting heatstroke just looking at the coat, though, and I don’t want to spend another month and a half working on a costume I can only wear at night. So, I need a new idea. Any suggestions?


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