Hustle and Bustle


For the bustle, I couldn’t find a pattern for exactly what I wanted, so I decided to just wing it. I made the underskirt out of left over fabric from the jacket and other projects. The back of the skirt is actually three panels made out of two different materials, but it’ll be mostly covered by the overskirt, so hopefully it won’t matter much (isn’t steampunk about repurposing materials anyway?).  I sewed some stiff netting to the top back of the skirt to act as a foundation and add extra fullness. I also added ruffles out of strips of crepe from the jacket.

The front of the skirt is also left over crepe gathered on both sides for a draping effect.

I made the overskirt out of the same red satin taffeta I had used for the trim on the jacket and corset. I can’t really say this was left over as this was the plan all along. I added a pleated trim. The dressform came in very handy for this portion of the project because it just pinned the fabric to form and pleated and tucked using binder clips and safety pins until I liked the effect.


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