The Jacket


I’m definitely not skilled enough to draft my own jacket pattern yet, so I found this pattern for a jacket with a mandarin collar and modified it.

Image Detail
I made a mock-up to see how I wanted to crop the jacket.
See my cropping line?
I made the final version in a light black crepe with black muslin for lining (again, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta is hot!). I left the sleeves unlined and used red satin taffeta for the collar and epaulettes. Also, I finally learned how to properly set in sleeves! I had been struggling with how to attach sleeves for years, so for this project, I decided to look for help and found this awesome tutorial. Once I knew what to do, it was a cinch! I was able to do it on my first try. I’m so proud of myself, I might just give myself a reward.
The collar is supposed to close, and the jacket doesn’t lay right here. My dressform is deformed, so things don’t fit right on it. That’s what I get when my husband helps me with projects. Luckily, I’m just using it as a fancy hanger for this project.

The trim was the fun part! I found some gold braid and used it around the collar and epaulettes. I also used it to make closures for the buttons. The only problem I found was how to keep the ends from fraying. I ended up wrapping scotch tape on the ends and sewing through it. Hopefully, the buttons will cover that up.

You can also see the overskirt in progress here.
Done! And yes, it closes up, but not on the dressform.
I love the steel buttons I found

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  1. Thanks! And we can totally make you a dressform. While we're at it, we can make me a new one, too. I have a feeling you're a much better assistant than Steve.

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