The morning after


I woke up this morning feeling still a little bummed about last night, so I went to edit last night’s post trying to express a little better how I felt. As I was writing, though, I started to see just how whiny and immature I was being. The project was never supposed to be about me. It was about the kids and the school, and I turned it into an ego trip.  And honestly, $300 is a lot of money for what the kids and I made. It would have been a lot of money for most of the things that were auctioned off last night. Was reserved seating at next year’s Christmas pageant really worth $800? Was getting to name the circle driveway in front of the school for one year worth $1750? Of course not. People were making donations to the school, and I’m sure had we had a few more wealthy parents from our class at the auction last night, the painting would have gone for more regardless of what it actually looked like.

That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. 🙂


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